Only One Person From Each Team Weighs In

October 26th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

After the last elimination, Alison announced that this week there will only be one person from each team weighing in. And, the other team gets to decide who that person will be. And they won’t find out until the weigh in.

Cooking Pop Challenge

3 contestants from each team cook with Curtis Stone and a latin chef. The other 6 contestants will be tasting and judging which food is better. And, the chefs aren’t allowed to physically touch any of the food. The winning team will get 10 seconds – for what we don’t yet know.

It was a tie, so the tiebreaker was each team had to decide how many calories were in their teams dessert. Black team guessed 185 calories. Blue team guessed 109 calories. Blue team won since they were only 9 calories off.

The Dragon Boat Race

The team that wins this challenge gets to block the other teams choice for who to weigh in. The blue team won a 10 second advantage. And blue team won. …Continue Reading Only One Person From Each Team Weighs In