The Ultimate 1 LB Each Week Pass!

October 12th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

This week there is a dreaded red line, where the person with the lowest percentage of body weight automatically falls below the red line and is instantly eliminated.

1 Lb Every Week Pass

But, there is also the biggest prize in Biggest Loser history – a one pound pass that grows by one pound for each week they hold on to it. In order to find this pass, they need to look under cupcakes. If they take a cupcake, they must eat it. If the pass is not underneath the cupcake, there will be a clue to where the cupcake pass is.

Rick, Jesse, Elizabeth, and Adam all played. The rest of the contestants watched and stayed out of it. Adam found the pass but ate 1350 calories in cupcakes to get it. Elizabeth was crying because she feels that she’s going to fall below the red line, since she’s been at the bottom of the board each weigh-in.

100 Calorie Cupcakes

Then Chef Curtis Stone came on to show everyone how to make a 100 calorie cupcake. He used egg whites instead of eggs, honey instead of sugar, and wheat flour instead of white flour. He made the frosting with raspberry puree.

Weigh In

Adam chose not to use his pass.

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