Incredible Biggest Loser Before & After Photos

April 10th, 2008 Posted in Weight Loss Success Stories

At the end of the show the Biggest Loser provided life-size cardboard cutouts of the contestants when they first came to the ranch. Here are some before and after photos of Mark, Roger, Kelly, and Ali. They are absolutely amazing to see. Can you believe what they’ve accomplished in only 15 weeks?

Roger Before and After Biggest Loser

Ali Sweeney told the four remaining contestants that they had lost an astounding 400 lbs together in the time they’ve been at the ranch.

Kelly Before and After Biggest Loser

As a side note, I love Kelly’s hair straightened. I hope she continues to keep it like this.

Ali Before and After Biggest Loser

These transformations are truly inspiring!

3 Responses to “Incredible Biggest Loser Before & After Photos”

  1. khameren Says:

    all of those guys inspire me because i am only 12 and im over weight but i have lost a total of 18 pound in over 4 weeks just by doing the biggest loser workout tape so for all those people who are over weight try buying the biggest loser tape.

  2. Y. Diamond Says:

    Hello , I’m a 12 year old and i am overweighted .
    i do want to lose weight but some how i cant ,
    i do my diet but somehow i eat the same things
    i used to eat when i was not in a diet .
    i want to get my shape back but i dont know how
    if you have anything that can help me ! comment back or
    email me 🙂

  3. Crazy Fat Says:

    WOW I wish I could get on that show because I’m not at my best right now and they look fantastic! I used to weigh 130 lb 2 years ago before I had my first born and now I weigh 198 lb

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