Biggest Loser Erik Chopin – Before, After, and Now

June 5th, 2008 Posted in Weight Loss Success Stories

Everyone always wants to know…”Did the Biggest Losers keep the weight off?” So I’m starting a new series of posts called “Before, After, and Now”. This week we’re going to look at Erik Chopin, Season 3 winner, and all time Biggest Loser. On the show he lost 214 lbs and overcame Type II diabetes.

Here is Erik – before and after Biggest Loser:

Erick Chopin Before and After Biggest Loser

Since Biggest Loser, Erik has remained active in the Health and Fitness industry. Last year in June 2007, he attended the Boston Health and Fitness Fair seen here:

Erik Chopin Boston Health & Fitness Fair

Thanks to Celebrity Baby Blogs, we learned that Erik and his wife had a new baby on April 18, 2008 they named Jack. Here is the proud papa with newborn Jack:

Erick Chopin with New Baby

Erik also participated in a video about diabetes from Dlife.

So, all in all, Erik Chopin is still the Biggest Loser in my book. Sure, he’s gained back some weight, but you’re bound to find a middle ground after you lose 214 lbs in 8 months. I think he’s done great since the show aired in staying in shape, staying healthy, and moving on with his life without becoming obsessed with 6 hour a day exercise routines and other extremist moves.

Good job Erik! and Congratulations on your baby boy!

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  3. L. Allen Says:

    December 11,2009

    I love the Biggest Loser and eventhough Erik gained some of the weight back it is important to recognize that this is the reality of the world that we live in. Erik has inspired many men and women and should’nt be ashamed but re inspired by all of the people that wanted to break his record and Danny Cahill did it and Erik you will do it again ! WE MISSED YOU AT THE FINALLY that you said that you would attend . PS You are a great inspiration and not the only cast member to gain weight fight on Erik Fight on !

  4. Francis (Frank) Wallner Says:

    You are an inspiration to the real people who have gained and lost weight a million times and said to ourselves we would never gain it back. This morning I saw your documentry on the Long Island cable station 29. I live on Long Island and this hit me at home personally. You said it like it is and hit me right in the bread basket as a person with weght problems say. Keep up the good work, dont be so hard on your self and it is guys like you that give us guys the support that we need. Maybe I will never see 162lbs again after being as high as 383lbs, but you gave me the courage to not give up on myself. PS. Congratulations on your new baby. Frank

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