Biggest Loser Goes to Texas

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In 35 years 75% of the population of Texas are going to be overweight or obese. Texas has 5 of the 10 fattest cities in America. Because of this, the Biggest Loser is going to Texas to teach Texans how to get fit and lose weight. The contestants went on the air at some of Dallas’ most popular radio stations to get people to a 5K walk/run.

It costs the state of Texas $10 Billion dollars a year to treat obesity. Biggest Loser gave all the people who turned out for the 5K a 90 day pass to 24 Hour Fitness.

The Singles Alliance

Daris, Ashley, and Mike don’t have their partners, so they’ve decided to stick together. So they got in an extra stairs workout on their own without tellign the other two pairs.

Herding Cattle Challenge

The contestant who herds more cattle into their pen wins immunity. Sam and Koli worked together for Koli. Sunshine and O’Neal worked together for O’Neal. And, Mike and Ashley helped Daris. But Koli won immunity for himself this time.

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The Biggest Loser Temptation

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This week on the Biggest Loser, the contestants were faced with a day long temptation. The kitchen was closed for the day and the contestants had to eat every meal in a room upstairs that contained healthy and no-so-healthy foods. The person who ate the most calories for the day would have the only vote at this week’s elimination. But, if that person falls below the yellow line, they lose the vote and the voting goes back to normal.

– Sunshine decided to eat what she normally does 175 calorie breakfast

– Sam decided to eat as he normally does (which is 1800 calories a day – more than anyone else on the Biggest Loser ranch)

– Sam and Koli decided to have Koli go for the vote. So Koli ate 1,545 calories at breakfast alone. 2,064 calories for lunch, and came out with 4,164 calories for the day. But he didn’t want to eat anymore by the time dinner rolled around.

– Darris decided to go with what he normally eats and had a reasonable 670 calories for lunch. He ate 1556 calories.

– Mike decided not to participate in the temptation this time, but he wanted to fool people into believing he did.

– Victoria wanted no part of the temptation either so she ate 353 calories for lunch.

– Ashley was genuinely tempted and ate a taquito. She didn’t even like the way it tasted.

– O’Neal was tempted by the french fries and cookies but he ultimately decided to eat healthy.

Visiting Dr. H

Michael has brought his real age from 54 to 42 and his risk of heart disease or stroke from 82% down to 31%.

Ashley went from being diabetic to perfect insulin and blood sugar levels!

Building Block Challenge

The person who can build a tall enough structure with their blocks to reach their ladder, and climb to their flag gets a 1 lb advantage at the weigh-in. And, the person who comes in last gets a 1 lb penalty.

Sam and Darris led the pack with the tallest structures and Darris pulled it out with a couple extra blocks. He won the 1 lb advantage.

#1 Darris
#2 Koli
#3 Sunshine

O’Neal was probably one block away and fell and hit his head and hurt his bad knee. So he got the 1 lb disadvantage. When he got back from the hospital, he said he got a pinched nerve when his knee got hurt. But, hes back and ready to get back to work.

Gabriel Reece at the Beach

The Biggest Losers went down to the beach and met Gabrielle Reece, volleyball player, mom, and super fit woman. They did a little workout in the sand, and then had fun in the water.

O’Neal’s brother, Arthur, died from cancer. And, O’Neal got the call of his passing this week on the Ranch.

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Biggest Loser is All About Change

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Quarter Balancing Challenge


To start this week off, the contestants competed in a challenge to see who could balance and hold quarters the longest. They have to continually add quarters one by one. The winner gets to keep the money, but for every quarter they can hold the winner gets a $10 bill. So if they’re holding on to a thousand quarters at the end, they’ll get $10,000!

Mike won $2,000 and held out for 55 minutes. And, Sunshine got $650 for coming in second.

Suze Orman Visits the Biggest Loser Campus with Danny!


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Race to 2% of Body Weight Loss

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Race to Immunity

The first player to lose more than 2% of their body weight wins immunity. Each player will get a card that tells them exactly how much weight they have to lose. When they think they’ve done it they can hit the button and weigh in. If you fail, you don’t get to try again. Once someone wins, no one else can try. It’s a race to lose 2%.

Who Hit the Button First?

Victoria marched into the gym on the second night and pushed the button with 6 lbs to lose. Everyone thought it was too soon. She lost 3 lbs.

Pool Challenge

At the bottom of the pool, there is 1,000 one pound weights (100 weights each). The person who gets all 100 weights in their scale wins. The winner gets a 2 week trip for two to the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge. The last person to finish will get a 1 lb penalty at the weigh-in. The twist is that when you’re done, you can help a friend (or not).

Sunshine started in the lead with Sam on her heels. Sunshine was first and won the prize, and immediately went to help her dad. Sam finished behind Sunshine, and also went to help O’Neal. Then Victoria finished third and helped Mike, and then once O’Neal finished, everyone helped Mike so that Melissa would finish last.

Sam Hit the Button

Sam had a 1am workout on Day 4 and hit the button first thing in the morning. He had to lose 6 lbs to win immunity and he lost 10 lbs in 4 days, and won!

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