Where Are They Now?

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For the first time in Biggest Loser history, NBC did a show looking at where past contestants are today. So let’s get to it.


He started at 380 lbs is now 262 lbs.


She was in season 5 and started at 217 lbs. Now she’s a trainer at a fitness gym

Pete Thomas

Four years ago on season 2, Pete weighed in at 401 lbs and now he’s 238 lbs. He developed a 10 week class called Lose it Fast, Lose It Forever that he teaches locally. ow he says he looks on the outside how he’s always felt on the inside.


Season 1 contestant Drea weighed in 5 years ago at 215 lbs. She’s now 160 lbs and she is the director for Healthworks Fitness Center for Women and Children (a nonprofit organization for women and kids who can’t afford a gym membership).

Mark Kreuger

At the start of season 5, Mark weighed in at 285 lbs. He lost 125 lbs on the show, and now weighs 185 lbs.

Jay Kreuger

In the same season, Mark’s brother, Jay, started his journey at 293 lbs, and is now 207 lbs.

The Most Marriages of Any Reality Show

That record was started off by Season 2’s Matt and Suzy. They are happily married and have two kids. Suzy’s starting weight was 227 and she now weighs 175 lbs. Matt’s starting weight was 339 and he now weighs 237 lbs. Matt proposed to Suzy on the Today shows 6 months after they met. Matt completed an Ironman triathalon!

Season 7’s Damien and Nicole came on the Biggest Loser as a couple looking to lose weight for their wedding. Damien was 381 lbs and Nicole was 269 lbs. Now Nicole weighs 155 lbs and Damien weighs 253 lbs. They got married after the finale of their season. Nicole is now a fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. …Continue Reading Where Are They Now?

Last Week on the Biggest Loser Campus

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Obesity Costs More

Suze Orman visited the Biggest Loser contestants. Insurance costs 500-$1,000 more each year when you’re overweight. We spend more than when we feel less than. Clothes cost more and all that drive thru food costs more in the long run.

Savings Challenge

The contestants will be on treadmills and will have to answer a series of financial questions. For each correct answer they get $1,000 deposited into their own Ameritrade account. But, for every wrong answer their treadmill goes one level faster and one level higher incline.  Here’s the quiz:

1. How much less do obese employees make than their peers in one year?

A = $7,000 – WOW!

2. How much can a family of four save in a year swapping one meal out for one at home every day?

A = $8,760 – $24 a day

3. How much do Americans spend on gastric bypass surgery every year?

A = $4.4 Billion – 220,000 people a year get bypass surgery at $20K each

4. How much do Americans spend on obesity related health issues each year?

A = $147 billion – Americans spend $90 billion a year on cancer, but an extra $57 billion on obesity!

5. How much money will you save over 40 years by going from obese to your ideal weight?

A = $1,000,000!

Everyone walked out with $4,000 except for Amanda.

Carrying Their Own Weight Challenge

The winner of this challenge will win a vacation package for two to the 2010 NFL Pro Bowl. And, to root them on is an 11 time Pro Bowl player and a Hall of Famer, Rod Woodson. And, as an extra bonus, the Biggest Loser and the NFL will donate $5,000 of athletic equipment to the school of their choice.

The contestants have to carry footballs weighing the amount they lost each month and drop the football on a platform 100 yards away, all while being strapped to a bucket full of a total of all the weight lost.

Allen won, with Rudy and Amanda right behind, and Liz and Danny bringing up the rear. …Continue Reading Last Week on the Biggest Loser Campus

Makeover Week on Biggest Loser

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The week’s edition of the Biggest Loser is kicked off by Alison telling the contestants that they will need to give a speech to motivate and inspire a room full of people. And, that’s why its Makeover Week. Tim Gunn and Tabatha are going to makeover the contestants and give them a new look and feel.

Makeover Week

Rebecca didn’t want to be covered up, so she wore a cute black dress, and she got a short haircut which looks amazing on her!

Rudy doesn’t like suits, and thinks of himself as a jeans and t-shirt guy. He also didn’t want to lose the beard. But he ultiamtely got rid of the beard and wore a coat.

Danny was wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater, and got a nice haircut and the gray is gone.

Allen was wearing a sharp new silver suit and a shaved head.

Amanda really looked incredible! She had beautiful blond hari and a cute black and blue outfit.

Liz got a fresh new hair cut and color, and the perfect cheetah dress for her.

But the makeover was nothing compared to the speeches the contestants gave. They were moving, inspiring, and brutally honest. I especially liked Liz’s message to women to take care of yourself, because you’re no good to others if you don’t take care of you.

Canyon Challenge

The contestant who goes across the canyon first wins a 2 week trip to the Biggest Loser Fitness Club in beautiful St. George, Utah where their entire family will eat healthy meals, workout Biggest Loser style, and be pampered with massages and luxurious baths. And, Rudy won!

…Continue Reading Makeover Week on Biggest Loser

Shay Before and After

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The show didn’t show us what happened to Shay after she went home. Watch this video to see how Shay has lost a total of 138 lbs so far, which is an extra 38 lbs since she’s been home. And, she’s giving back! Shay also answers viewers questions.