Amazing Self Sacrifice on the Biggest Loser

September 29th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

The Biggest Loser contestants were coming off a high from last week, where they all worked together as a team to meet and exceed their goals of losing 150  lbs. Because they accomplished their goal – no one had to go home!

But this week is all about making choices…

Trading Your Trainers for 2 Lbs


The first choice put to the contestants was they could get a 2 lb advantage at the weigh in if they were willing to give up training with their trainers for the week. If a team didn’t take the 2 lbs, the stakes would go up until someone took it.

And, crazy Tracy took the deal for only 2 lbs without even talking to Coach Mo. She compromised his well being too. That was a selfish choice!

Food Temptation: Cupcakes for Power

The food temptation this week involved the contestants in a cubicle with 100 calorie cupcakes. The temptation was not the cupcakes, but rather the power to decide who of each team will weigh-in and represent the percentage for the team. The person who ate the most cupcakes won the power.

Only two contestants ate the cupcakes – Tracy and Antoine. Antoine ate 2 cupcakes and Tracy ate 4 cupcakes and won the power.

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Biggest Loser Week 2: Lose 150 Lbs or Go Home!

September 23rd, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

The contestants of The Biggest Loser Second Chances had their work cut out for them. Not only is it the infamous “Week 2”, where in the past, contestants have gained weight, but in this season, the 15 remaining contestants need to lose a combined 150 lbs to prevent anyone going home in week 2. If they don’t reach their goal – TWO people will be sent home!


Curtis Stone Nutrition Quiz for 15 Lbs

Curtis Stone is the new official chef of the Biggest Loser show. He came in to teach the contestants about nutrition and better ways to cook. Afterward the contestants would be quizzed as a group and if they answered 5 of the 8 questions correctly, they would get a 15 lb pass at the weigh in.


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Biggest Loser Season 8 Premiere!

September 15th, 2009 | 7 Comments | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

Biggest Loser Season 8 – It’s back, and better than ever! 16 brand new contestants including last season’s Dan, who showed up in a black limo on the beach as the contestants prepared to compete in their first challenge.

Before they met the trainers or even got to the ranch, the Biggest Loser contestants were dropped off on the Pacific Coast Highway where last season’s contestants ran a marathon.wk1-challenge

Immunity Challenge

The first immunity challenge was the last mile of last year’s marathon route. Dan finished first with a time of 14:17. Tracy collapsed about 100 yards from the finish line and had to be taken to the hospital along with Coach Mo who are being held a little longer for observation.

Besides winning immunity, Dan will be able to choose his partner first in the game, and him and his partner have immunity at the next weigh-in. While in previous seasons of the Biggest Loser, the contestants came with their partners, this year they are all strangers and they will choose their teammates.
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New Biggest Loser Song

September 3rd, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

Maybe you’ve seen the previews for the upcoming season of The Biggest Loserrob-thomas Season 8, and have heard the new theme song, “Someday” by Rob Thomas.

It comes off his album, Cradlesong. If you’re not familiar, Rob Thomas is from Matchbox 20, and has sold over 80 million albums between his work with Matchbox 20, his solo career, and his collaborations with Mick Jagger and Santana.

I’m already in love with the song “Someday”, and if you’d like, you can check out  a sample of the song.