Who Got the One and Only Vote on Biggest Loser?

April 8th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

After the vote split last week 4-3 for Nicole, Ron and Mike were mad! They couldn’t believe that Felipe had told Ron that he would be fine and then Sione, Felipe, and Helen voted for Ron to leave the Biggest Loser ranch.

The Biggest Biggest Loser Temptation Ever!

The temptation this week loaded the gym full of covered platters with various high calorie food items. Amongst these trays was also cash prizes with Extra gum. Cash prizes ranged from $500 to $5,000. But one of the trays held the coveted prize – a golden ticket giving the holder the one and only vote at this wee’s elimination!


And, after coming off last week’s vote, it was on!

Every contestant played in search for the golden ticket. Here’s how it sifted out:

Ron won $1,500 and ate about a 1,000 calories
Tara won $5,000 and ate 4,600 calories (the most of anyone else)
Helen ate 1,600 calories
Kristin ate a few items but then realized that the vote is only good to eliminate someone from below the yellow line – and the way to stay above the yellow line was not to eat.
Sione ate 1500 calories
Felipe lost count of how many calories but certainly felt sick

And, Laura got the golden ticket and ate the least amount of calories!

As, the contestants were cleaning up from the temptation, Bob and Jillian walked into the gym to see platters and cupcakes everywhere! They were MAD!


But, once they found out how the vote split last week, they understood why everyone participated in the temptation – not that they were happy about it. …Continue Reading Who Got the One and Only Vote on Biggest Loser?

Ali and Michelle Return to Biggest Loser Ranch

April 3rd, 2009 | 3 Comments | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

Ali, the first female Biggest Loser, came back to the ranch to fill in for our host Alison, who just had her baby Megan.
And, with her she brought 3 contestants that were eliminated earlier in the game – Nicole (red), Estella (white), and David (orange).


They came back looking great! They got up on the scale and the one with the greatest percentage of weight loss would get to return to the ranch. Here’s the numbers:

Contestant Previous Weight Current Weight
Weight Loss
Nicole 269 182
87 lbs
Estella 242 197
45 lbs
David 393 347
46 lbs


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