Video: Filipe’s Decision to Train with Bob

March 21st, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

Filipe explains to the Black team his decision to train with Bob instead of Jillian.

Trainer Tip: Mashed Potatoes Replacement

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Jillian gave us a good diet tip:cauliflower

Use mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. Cauliflower is high in dietary fiber, potassium, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C, and its got zero cholesterol and saturated fat!

Try mashed cauliflower at your next meal.

Biggest Loser Couples Coming Home

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After the elimination of Mandi, Black team was asked into the elimination room. Everyone was told that they would all be going home for the next week, and would return for the next weigh-in.

Going Home


While everyone had wonderful homecomings, Mike and Ron’s was the most heart-warming. First Ron walked through the door 91 lbs lighter, and his wife was amazed. But, when Mike walked in a whopping 110 lbs lighter, his brother broke down in tears. He knew he was the biggest guy left in the house, and that his brother Mike was a shining example of what he could do.

Temptation Challenge at Home

The contestants will run half a marathon (13.1 miles). The tin of cookies is the temptation part of the challenge. For every cookie they eat from the tin, they can add 5 minutes to any contestants marathon time. The contestant with the shortest time for the half marathon wins. The winner gets $10,000!
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Face-Off Week at the Biggest Loser Ranch

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Before we get to the “face-off”, let’s end the cliffhanger ending from last week. Did Mike lose enough weight to keep both teams out of the elimination room? Remember, they needed 77 combined lbs lost to avoid each team eliminating one player.

Can Mike Save the teams from Elimination?

Can Mike Save the teams from Elimination?

Here’s the results of the weigh-in from last week:

Contestant Previous Weight Current Weight Weight Loss
Helen 198 193 5 lbs
Mandi 203 195 8 lbs
Sione 286 283 3 lbs
Aubrey 211 203 8 lbs
Laura 233 226 7 lbs
Ron 349 343 6 lbs
Tara 211 200 11 lbs
Kristin 279 270 9 lbs
Filipe 283 275 8 lbs
Cathy 249 246 3 lbs
Mike 297 286 11 lbs
TOTAL     79 lbs!

Face-Off Week and Pop Challenge

After the weigh-in the contestants had a Pop Challenge, where they had to do wall-sits balancing a medicine ball in their lap. The player that stayed on the wall the longest wins.

Wall Sit Pop Challenge

Wall Sit Pop Challenge

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