New Biggest Loser Gym

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For The Biggest Loser Season 6, the gym has been totally redone. The place is literally divided down the middle with a big yellow stripe on  the floor – with Jillian’s gym on one side and Bob’s gym on the other.

They’ve each picked out their favorite pieces of equipment and included it in their “sides” of the gym. Check it out! It may even give you an idea of what you might want in your own home gym. …Continue Reading New Biggest Loser Gym

Biggest Loser Families Premier – Week 1

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What a great premiere show to begin what looks to be a fun season of the Biggest Loser! The Biggest Loser Families season 6 kicked off last night. Let’s meet the cast…

Bob’s team are all husbands and wives:

 Biggest Loser Families - Bobs Team

Red Team – Amy (40) & Phil (41) are real estate agents from Greenville, SC. They have an autistic son so it was a great sacrifice on their parts to leave their family and go the Biggest Loser campus. They had lots of family support to make the journey.

Orange Team – Ed (31) and Heba (30) are newlyweds. Ed is a chef and eats all day long.

Brown Team – Brady (36) and Vicky (37) are from Huoma, Louisiana. They have a daughter who is overweight, and at 63 lbs outweighs her older brother.

Green Team – Adam (39) and Stacey (33) are from Washington DC.

Jillian’s Team is made up of parents and their children:

Biggest Loser Families - Jillians Team

Grey Team – Tom (42) and Tom (23) (who likes to be called LT for Little Tom) are from Boston, Massachusetts and are father and son. They both drive cabs for a living and their whole family is overweight, ranging from 350-550 lbs each.

Purple Team – Shellay (46) and Amy (26) are from Detroit, Michigan. They are mother and daughter.

Pink Team – Renee (46) and Michelle (26) are from Dallas, Texas and are estranged mother and daughter. After Renee and her husband divorced, Renee took Michelle’s siblings and moved away. Michelle lived with her Dad, so they haven’t seen each other for years.

Yellow Team – Jerry (51) and Coleen (23) are from Cleveland, Ohio and are father and daughter. Jerry is a Police Sergeant.

Starting Weigh-In

After we met the contestants, they went to get weighed, and if you read further, you will see a chart of their starting weights along with their week 1 results. But, just to give you an overview… …Continue Reading Biggest Loser Families Premier – Week 1

Biggest Loser Families Sneak Peek Video: Jillian and Yellow Team

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Jillian gets frustrated with Jerry and Coleen, one of her father and daughter teams. Jerry is having a difficult time staying on the treadmill, so watch this video to see how Jillian handles it.

“Unless you faint, puke, or die…Keep Walking!!” (Words to live by)

Biggest Loser Families: Meet the Contestants

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The Biggest Loser Families premieres exactly two weeks from tonight on September 16. So let’s meet the new contestants for Season 6 of everyone’s favorite weight loss show. Let’s meet Bob’s team first, all husbands and wives…

Biggest Loser Families - Bob’s Team

…Continue Reading Biggest Loser Families: Meet the Contestants