Biggest Loser Trainer Creates Wii Game

June 14th, 2008 | 1 Comment | Posted in Exercise

Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels, teamed up with Majesco Entertainment to createJillian Michael Fitmess Ultimatum 2009 Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009. It’s due to be released for the holiday season this year.

Players will enroll in Jillian’s boot camp and participate in a series of trainings such as Strength Training, Hill Climbs, Weight Loss, or Intervals. The workouts will last from 10 to 60 minutes. You will also be able to choose different intensity levels from light, medium, or hard.

Players will be given tests to determine their fitness levels and achievement of their individual goals. There will be even be an option for head-to-head play to compete against another player.

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The Biggest Loser Season 6 News

June 9th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

Season 5 of The Biggest Loser has been done for a few weeks now, and for those of us patiently waiting for the next season to begin, here is an update on The Biggest Loser Season 6.

Biggest Loser Erik Chopin – Before, After, and Now

June 5th, 2008 | 4 Comments | Posted in Weight Loss Success Stories

Everyone always wants to know…”Did the Biggest Losers keep the weight off?” So I’m starting a new series of posts called “Before, After, and Now”. This week we’re going to look at Erik Chopin, Season 3 winner, and all time Biggest Loser. On the show he lost 214 lbs and overcame Type II diabetes.

Here is Erik – before and after Biggest Loser:

Erick Chopin Before and After Biggest Loser

Since Biggest Loser, Erik has remained active in the Health and Fitness industry. Last year in June 2007, he attended the Boston Health and Fitness Fair seen here:

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Lost 2 lbs and Gaining a Little Momentum

June 2nd, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in Weight Loss In Progress

I weighed in this morning at 239 lbs, which is a 2 lb loss. I’ll take it. My stepdaughter is getting married in late June, so I needed to get a dress. Shopping for clothes is one of my least favorite past times at this weight.My Dress for the Wedding

But, I brought myself to the boutiques and found something that fit! Actually found 2 dresses. I guess size 20 is the magic size for me in dresses.  I had to have the bodice altered, so I had the pleasure of standing on a pedestal with mirrors surrounding me on every side! What kind of cruel joke is that?!

Well, that’s over and I hope to lose 15 lbs before the wedding. Now, I know I run the risk of the dress being too big on me, but that’s a problem I can live with.