Biggest Loser: Maggie Evicted in Week 12

March 20th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

It was down to Brittany and Maggie at the end of last week’s Biggest Loser. They both fell below the yellow line and in this week’s episode, it was Maggie who was sent packing. She lost 55 lbs on the ranch and when she got home she lost another 11 lbs. Check out her before and after:

Maggie Evicted

Biggest Loser: Ali Struggles to Find Her Place Between Black and Blue

March 14th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

Having Ali back in the house has brought havoc on the black team. Brittany and MaggieAli back in Biggest Loser have been eating like crazy. Ali has been pulled in both directions. She was friends with alot of the guys before she was evicted so its natural for her to want to hang with the boys. But her training with Jillian is also pulling her towards black team. Black team wants her to believe that the Blue team boys are evil.

And Ali can be a swing vote for either side. So the boys want her on their side, and the girls are resentful of her, so they’re slitting their own throats.

Ali is a smart girl with the kind of weight loss that can go head to head with even Mark’s numbers! Go Ali – and let’s hope she doesn’t get caught in the middle of the Black team drama!

Diet Tip: Save 115 calories with Pam Spray

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That’s a no-brainer!

14 Evicted Biggest Loser Contestants Are Back!

March 12th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in Biggest Loser Show

In this week’s 2 hour Biggest Loser, the 14 evicted contestants were back on campus to weigh in once again for the chance to get back in the game. One woman and one man with the highest percentage of weight loss would come back into the game. Here are the women’s numbers:

Jenni lost 38 lbs for 14.23%Biggest Loser Contestants Return
Mallory lost 42 lbs for 19.35%
Amanda lost 46 lbs for 22.55%
Ali lost 67 lbs for 28.63%
Bette-Sue lost 49 lbs for 18.77%
Jenn lost 48 lbs for 18.90%
Jackie lost 64 lbs for 26.02%

The men’s numbers are:

Lynn lost 64 lbs for 15.65%
Curtis lost 100 lbs for 26.25%
Neill lost 55 lbs for 17.35%
Trent lost 105 lbs for 24.08%
Paul lost 70 lbs for 23.10%
Mark lost 90 lbs for 31.58%
Bernie lost 88 lbs for 31.10%

So Mark and Ali went back into the game as individuals, but because Mark was the biggest loser, he got to choose which trainer he wanted to work with. He of course chose to stick with Bob and his blue team of guys, so Ali was training with Jillian.

The girls felt very defeated after the loss of Bernie and Mark back in the game, they felt that they couldn’t win. And they would get picked off by the guys one by one.

When Bob saw Mark come back he was beyond excited! But when Jillian saw Ali, she was happy, but upset that Ali wanted to wear her Pink shirt instead of the team color of Black.