Week 5 Biggest Loser: Black vs Blue Team

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This week’s edition of the Biggest Loser Couples started with a challenge we’ve seen before on previous seasons – the escalator.

Escalator Challenge

The winner of this challenge will decide who they will be training with when they return everyone to black team vs blue team. This is probably the most important challenge yet this season. Bob and Jillian were the ones competing – whoever made it up the escalator 10 times would pick the teams. Bob kicked Jillian’s butt – 10-7!

So Bob chose orange team, black team, and the grey team. Blue team was very disappointed they weren’t chosen by Bob. The teams are clearly lopsided with yellow team injured, everyone is shorter and not as much weight to lose as Bob’s new blue team.

Then the teams all got on the escalator and the team with the last remaining team member left on the escalator wins – The whole team wins $10,000! Brittany on the black team hang on the longest, but in the end the …Continue Reading Week 5 Biggest Loser: Black vs Blue Team

Play to Lose Weight

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Trainer Tip from Jillian:

Engage in a game of soccer or tag with your kids to get extra exercise in, teach your kids to enjoy exercise, and spend time with your family while shedding those extra pounds!

Even Dieters Get Dessert!

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Trainer Tip from Bob Harper:

Diet doesn’t mean deprivation. If you’re eating right and exercising, there’s no reason why you can’t eat dessert – once a week.

Week 2 Biggest Loser Couples: Bob & Jillian Train Together

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In this week’s show of Biggest Loser Couples, Bob and Jillian announce to the teamsBob & Jillian that they will be training everyone together. This provides a combination of the softer, gentler, yoga training Bob and the screaming, hard-core training style of Jillian. It will be interesting to see the amount of weight that is lost this season with these two together!

Hall of Truth
Then Allison told the teams about the Hall of Truth, where the couples stand before giant TV screens showing them how much food they consume, how many calories they eat broken down into their favorites, how much fat they consume, and a picture of them being interviewed before the competition began. What a wake up call!

Neill Slacking?
Neill’s true colors came out in his lack of exercise and how hard his wife, Amanda, works in comparison. The other teams are starting to notice Neill’spoor attitude and his lack of commitment to losing weight.

Giant Seesaw Challenge
The challenge this week is the Giant Seesaws. Each person from the couples gets on oneGiant Seesaw Challengeend of their seesaw. They must push themselves off the ground 100 times. The team to finish quickest won 2 Biggest Loser calling cards to make calls home. Black team won, but they also had to decide 3 more teams that should receive calling cards. Ultimately they gave the phone calls to the Brown Team, the Grey Team, and the White Team.

How Much Can You Eat in 4 minutes?
The teams were split up and individually they walked outside to an enormous feast where they each have 4 minutes to decide if they want to eat. The team that eats the most calories will win $5,000! Yellow teams, Paul, told the rest of the other teams that he had 900 more calories to eat for the day so he let the cat out of the bag that he would eat. So Mark from the black team thought he’d give it a try and eat only slightly more calories than the 900 that Paul ate. Here were the results… …Continue Reading Week 2 Biggest Loser Couples: Bob & Jillian Train Together